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Anhui factory of Hopper forklift unveiled and put into production

Source: Administrator 2016-05-25

On April 8, 2016, Anhui Marshall Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., the third production base of Hopper forklift, was officially unveiled in Hefei High-tech Zone, Anhui Province (hereinafter referred to as the Anhui factory). The production of Anhui factory marked the third production base was officially opened after Shanghai and Zhaoqing factory.


With the transformation and upgrading of China's economy and the continuous improvement of environmental protection standards, the use of electric forklifts in China continues to increase, and the market prospects are broad. The completion and commissioning of Hopper forklift truck in Anhui factory is a strategic decision made by the company to fully consider the economic situation and the company's current situation, and conform to the development trend of the electric forklift industry.


Hopper forklift Anhui factory specializes in the manufacture of electric storage and logistics equipment, mainly produces six series such as electric pallet trucks, electric pallet stackers, electric counterbalanced forklifts, electric reach stacker, electric tractors and aerial work platforms and so on.


Since its inception, Hopper forklift company has always been aiming at "making China's leading manufacturer of electric forklifts". The Hopper forklift top management team clearly understands that the technical research and development capabilities and manufacturing process level determine the final technical and quality level of the product. To this end, Hopper forklift trucks continue to cultivate the R&D and manufacturing people of electric forklifts, expand the scale of production and manufacturing bases, and enhance the core competitiveness of the brand!

The production of Hopper forklift truck production base in Anhui has further expanded the production capacity of forklift trucks, enhanced the foundation of the forklift trucks, helped to achieve economies of scale and reduced overall manufacturing costs, marking the Hopper forklift trucks has taken a big step to the company goal of leading the Chinese electric forklift manufacturers.

Riding the wind and breaking the waves, brave the tide! We wish the Hopper forklift Anhui factory to be open, smooth and profitable, and look forward to a beautiful and reliable quality electric forklift from the Anhui factory enter to thousands of manufacturers, plug them in Take off the wings and write the new glory of Hopper forklift!