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Good development form of electric pallet truck

Source: Administrator 2019-09-30

The pallet truck is the most commonly used handling equipment in the logistics industry. The earliest trucks originated from abroad, and the development of handling equipment in China has also experienced three stages of manual handling, hand pallet truck handling, and electric pallet truck handling. In our country, it is still in the early and middle stages of development.


In the 1940s and 1950s, China had just experienced war, there were not many factories, logistics was slow to transfer, and transportation was mainly carried out by manual handling. This is also evident from the handling scenes of workers in film and television dramas. At that time, Europe and United States had economic recovery after the war, technology development, logistics gradually received the attention of enterprises, manual hydraulic trucks came into being.


After the reform and opening up in 1978, a large number of production enterprises appeared in China. The low efficiency and high cost of manual handling were no longer suitable for fast-growing Chinese enterprises. The demand for manual handling vehicles by Chinese companies is also growing. Manual hydraulic pallet trucks are ushered in the spurt growth. However, any product has a development cycle, since the production technology of manual trucks is very mature, in addition to professional handling equipment manufacturers, many small workshops also can produce homogeneous trucks, which also leads to a gradual reduction in the profit of trucks; In the 21st century, e-commerce has experienced explosive growth, and the logistics industry has ushered in an unprecedented rapid development. The work efficiency of manual trucks has been unable to meet the needs of new warehousing logistics, and electric pallet trucks have emerged.


The development of new warehousing logistics has significantly accelerated the turnover speed and cycle of goods, and the advantages of efficient and energy-saving electric trolleys have gradually emerged. If traditional truck manufacturers want to get rid of the dilemma of falling profits and weakening competitive advantage, the transformation has become the choice of many people in the industry. However, the transformation into electric products, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, the lack of funds, lack of talent, and no relevant experience, so the road to transformation can be described as difficult.

Starting from the electric forklift, the Hopper has chosen the future. As the manufacturer of the battery, the biggest advantage of the Hopper in many electric trucks and electric forklifts is the experience in the production of mature electric products. Durability is superior to other manufacturers.

Nowadays, China's industrial, logistics and warehousing industries have developed to varying degrees. The material storage trucks, which are mainly electric forklifts, electric pallet trucks and electric stackers, have become the hottest choices at the moment. Not only can save labor, but also greatly improve the efficiency of work, replacing the fuel capacity with electric energy, which not only saves the use cost, but also reduces the environmental pollution. In the era of global energy conservation and environmental protection, electric trucks are undoubtedly the focus of future development and the best choice for the market.