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Market Advantage of Electric Forklift

Source: Administrator 2019-09-30

According to Hopper forklift manufacturers: in the current era of rapid development of the logistics industry, known as the "god of transport" forklift in the field of logistics plays a huge role. In recent years, electric forklift truck will be more and more favored by users, and electric forklift truck in China will also have a broad market prospect.

First, electric forklifts have obvious advantages in energy saving and environmental protection. The electric forklift has low noise and no exhaust emission, and its use and maintenance cost is lower than that of the diesel and fuel forklift. In addition, the electric forklift has simple operation and flexibility, and the operation intensity of the operator is much lighter than that of the diesel and fuel forklift. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are all controlled by electrical signals, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators, thus improving work efficiency and accuracy of work.

Second, electric forklifts require less time to maintain. Since the maintenance interval of the electric forklift is much longer than that of the diesel and fuel forklift, and the time required for each maintenance is much less than that of the diesel and fuel forklift, this greatly saves the labor cost required for maintenance. In fact, the more substantial is the downtime of forklift greatly reduced, which makes it difficult to calculate the economic benefits of improved forklift efficiency.

Third, the battery of the electric forklift has a long service life. The service life of the electric forklift battery is 1500 charge and discharge cycles, which translates into a working hour of about 10,000 hours for the forklift. This is also equivalent to the engine overhaul of an diesel and fuel forklift. In this case, the cost of electric forklift battery replaced is close to the cost of overhauling the engine, but the speed of replacing battery is much faster than that of overhauling the engine, and it shows the advantage of time efficiency.

Fourth, the electric forklift is becoming more and more practical. The electric forklift itself does not emit harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. Even if it is converted into power plant emissions according to the electricity consumption, other pollutants are significantly reduced in addition to sulfur and particulates, and the power plant is stationary, centralized discharge, and clearing away a variety of harmful emissions are easier. Electricity can be obtained from a variety of primary sources, such as coal, nuclear power, and water power. It relieves people from worrying about the depletion of oil resources. Electric forklifts can also make full use of the surplus electricity during the evening power shortage to charge, so that power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic efficiency.