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China Forklift Industry Association 2019 Annual Conference & Forklift Industry Conference

Source: Administrator 2019-08-23

On May 25th, the title of “China Forklift Industry Alliance 2019 Annual Conference and Forklift Industry Conference” was held in Dongguan, Guangdong Province with the theme of “Joining New Era with Innovation and Brilliance”. It was a great success.


The main venue of the conference was held in Zhongtang, Dongguan, China, and Zhongcha Zhilian International Logistics Equipment Industrial City. The day was also a good day for the unveiling of Zhongcha Zhilian International Logistics Equipment Industry City.


The annual industry conference is a grand gathering of the elites of the forklift industry to share friendship, share industry resources and share industry information. Through the on-site product display, no low-price auction, industry special lectures, industry forums, on-site exchanges, etc., the conference provides learning and communication for forklift peer enterprises and the bridges and channels of sharing resources between forklift dealers and mainframes and supporting manufacturers. It attracted nearly 1,000 people from forklift OEMs, dealers and industry media from all over the country.


On the morning of the May 25th, the professionals of the exhibitors arrived at their booths one after another, and were ready to answer the consultation information of the participants on the products.


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