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How to maintain the manual stacker and hydraulic stacker?

Source: 2019-09-30

1. The oil must be filtered and kept at a sufficient amount of oil.

2.Before use, check if the condition of the car is normal and whether have loose phenomenon.

3. The goods shall be distributed on the forks and shall not be overloaded.

4. After the work is finished, should remove the heavy objects, which do not be allowed to press on the fork plate for a long time.

5. When the cargo is lowered, the handle of the oil return valve should be slow and light to prevent sudden drop when it is too fast and result in unsafe phenomenon. When the cargo is rapidly descending, the oil valve cannot be suddenly closed, because the inertial acceleration is generated when the vehicle is rapidly descending. For example, if the oil return valve is suddenly closed, a strong force is generated, which will damage the parts and the goods.

7. The brakes on the rear wheels are set for the safety during the operation. When the lifting forks are lifted or used as a working platform, the brakes should be stepped on to prevent the car from rolling.