Do I need a forklift certificate for an electric stacker truck?

Do I need a forklift certificate for an electric stacker truck?

Jan 15, 2023

The electric stacker truck now belongs to the category of forklift, electromechanical special equipment, and the operator must have a forklift certificate if the certificate. If it is a walking type, generally do not need the operator's certificate.

Electric pallet truck does not belong to special equipment, if it is manual in and out, hydraulic lifting, it does not belong to the scope of control, if it is the type of electric in and out or electric lifting, and the lifting height is greater than 2m recommended to be managed by special equipment, electric pallet truck lifting height is less than 2m, so it does not belong to special equipment.

All-electric pallet truck, semi-electric pallet truck, manual truck, semi-electric forklift truck, manual hydraulic forklift truck and other equipment, because the operation of human mobility over mobility, so currently do not need to be licensed annual inspection.

But to drive electric pallet truck, you need to hold a forklift driving license to get on the job. Some companies take a chance and drive forklifts illegally and without a license, resulting in frequent forklift accidents, causing serious consequences to the families of social companies.

For ordinary stacker trucks, it is not needed. If it is counterbalanced forklift, it needs operation certificate. Forklift trucks do not need to be licensed, the operator needs to have a forklift license.

At present, in many countries, it is stipulated that electric forklift trucks, battery forklift trucks, diesel forklift trucks, forklift trucks and forklift trucks that run by mechanical power need to be licensed for annual inspection. However, electric trucks, semi-electric trucks, manual trucks, semi-electric forklifts and manual hydraulic forklifts are manually operated, so they do not need to be licensed for annual inspection at present.


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