How to operate the electric forklift

How to operate the electric forklift

Jan 09, 2023

The steps for operating an electric forklift are as follows.


(1) Drivers who are trained and have a driver's license may drive.


(2) Operators should wear shoes, hats, clothing and gloves that can be used for safety protection when operating.


(3) should pay attention to the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and MOSFET governor performance and operating conditions.


(4) turn on the power, first turn on the key switch, select the position of the direction switch, turn the steering wheel to see if the vehicle rotates normally, slowly depress the speed control pedal to maintain proper starting acceleration.


(5) Pay attention to the voltage of the voltmeter, when the forklift is working, if the voltage of the voltmeter is lower than that, it should stop running immediately and charge the battery or replace the battery with a battery with sufficient power.


(6) The load should not exceed the specified value when handling, the fork spacing and position should be suitable, and the fork should be inserted all under the goods, so that the goods are evenly distributed on the fork and avoid biased load.


(7) When the center of gravity of the goods is less than or equal to the fork arm, the maximum load is the rated lifting weight. If the center of gravity of the cargo is greater than the fork arm, the lifting weight should be less than the rated lifting weight.


(8) after the fork is loaded, the gantry should be tilted back to the maximum position, the fork arm should be in contact with the goods, and the fork should be lifted off the ground before driving.


(9) No standing under the forks, no standing on the forks to lift.


(10) The initial speed should not be too fast when the cargo is lifted and lowered.


(11) is not allowed to manipulate the vehicle and attachments in a position other than the driver's seat.


(12) the gantry forward, backward tilt to the limit position or fork lifting to the maximum height must let the handle quickly back to the middle position.


(13) When the gantry is raised, it is not allowed to drive or turn.


(14) When driving, attention should be paid to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes, and to the clearance above the forklift.


(15) Care should be taken when driving on ramps; when driving on ramps greater than one-tenth, drive forward on uphill slopes and backward on downhill slopes; never steer on uphill or downhill slopes; do not carry out loading and unloading operations when the forklift is driving downhill.


(16) Slow down when steering on wet or smooth road; drive on the dock or temporary auxiliary board with extra caution and drive slowly.


(17) High-lift forklifts with lifting height greater than 3 meters should pay attention to falling goods above and take protective measures if necessary.


(18) Don't carry unfixed or loosely stacked goods, and be careful with goods of large dimensions.


(19) Avoid emergency braking when the forklift truck is running with load.


(20) When leaving the truck, lower the forks to the ground and put the gear handle into neutral, disconnect the power supply, and when stopping on the ramp, pull the parking brake well and stop the truck. Pull the parking brake well, and use wedge to pad the wheels when parking for a long time.


(21) The safety valve pressure of the multiway valve and the safety valve pressure of the steering gear have been adjusted before the forklift truck leaves the factory, so the user should not adjust them arbitrarily in use, so as to avoid the destruction of the whole hydraulic system or the hydraulic components and the burning of the motor due to the excessive pressure regulation.


(22) The tire inflation pressure is inflated according to the air pressure value specified on the "tire pressure" label.


(23) The forklift truck with attachments should be operated as a loaded forklift truck when it is running empty.


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